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The resources on this page are only some of many of the Internet tools that are now available as a resource for information.

They are provided here as a tool for skilled attorneys and as an informational reference for non-lawyers. 

Besides their undergraduate training, lawyers receive three years of law school education before they received their Juries Doctor degree.  These three years are devoted in large measure to understanding the history of the law, the nuances of interpretation, and how the law is applied in the context of specific circumstances.

After graduation, lawyers receive additional skills training before they are admitted to practice law.  Annually, a good lawyer attends many seminars and conferences to familiarize themselves with changes in the law and in New Practice Areas. 

While the reading you do here can set the background for your understanding of your legal problems or rights, an important problem requires a discussion with a competent knowledgeable attorney who can provide you with an answer upon which you can rely. 

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